Adam Garza is a 22-year veteran of the plumbing industry and owner of San Jose Plumbing, Inc., a Diamond Certified company since 2004. He can be reached at (408) 372-8978 or by email.


Video: Leak Detection and Prevention

With Adam Garza of San Jose Plumbing, Inc., a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor

SAN JOSE – Host, Sarah Rutan: One of the simplest measures you can take to avoid a costly water bill is to routinely check your plumbing fixtures for leaks. Today we’re in San Jose with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Adam Garza of San Jose Plumbing to learn more.

Plumbing Leak Prevention

By Adam Garza of San Jose Plumbing, Inc., a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor

SAN JOSE – A minor plumbing leak may be easy to ignore, but over time it can constitute a substantial waste of water. Additionally, leaky plumbing connections beneath sinks and near floors often go unnoticed, which can lead to problems…Read More

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Profile

Adam Garza: Plumbing Pride

  • Adam Garza is owner of San Jose Plumbing, Inc.

Adam Garza: Plumbing Pride
“It feels really good to have a job where I get to help people every day."

SAN JOSE – Adam Garza learned about plumbing from his father while he was growing up, but it wasn’t until later in life that he acquired a sense of pride in the family trade. “My father has been a plumber for 35 years, and he started San Jose Plumbing back in 1991,” he details. “As a kid, I used to ride around with him and he would teach me about the trade. However, it wasn’t something I wanted to do for a living—after all, not too many eight-year-olds aspire to become plumbers.”

Following high school, Adam enrolled at a local junior college, unsure of his professional path but confident it wouldn’t involve plumbing. However, when a family emergency struck, he suddenly found himself in the thick of it. “During my second year of junior college, my dad fell ill,” he recounts. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my family, so when he asked if I’d come on board and help out with the business, I dropped out of school and came to work.” Not long after getting into plumbing full-time, Adam noticed an unexpected development. “Somewhere along the way, I learned to really enjoy plumbing. I liked the fact that every day was different, and I enjoyed working with my hands and helping people. After my dad regained his health and returned to work, I decided to stick with it. Twenty years later, it’s turned out to be a great career for me.”

Today, Adam says his favorite part of his job is the opportunity to help others. “It feels really good to have a job where I get to help people every day. A lot of our jobs are emergency situations, so it’s very rewarding to show up, assure the customer that everything is under control and see them breathe a sigh of relief.”

A resident of Gilroy (where he lives with his wife, Mia, and their three children), Adam expresses an appreciation for his local community. “I was born and raised in San Jose, so I feel like I’m very much a part of this community,” he says. “I take a lot of pride in being able to serve my friends and neighbors.”

Outside of work, Adam likes to stay active with physical exercise and outdoor activities. “My job is very physically demanding, so I like to stay in shape by working out, running and mountain biking,” he affirms. “I also enjoy going camping with my family. We’re very outdoorsy, so we spend a lot of time in Tahoe going hiking and stuff like that.”

In his life and career, Adam espouses the importance of communication. “Communication is central to any good relationship, whether it’s with your family, your staff or your customers,” he asserts. “When there’s clear communication, everything is out in the open and expectations are real, but when there isn’t, it really limits your potential, so I always make an effort to keep those lines open.”

When asked the first thing he’d do if he were to retire tomorrow, Adam says he’d book an extended stay at his family’s favorite vacation spot. “I’d probably spend a summer at Tahoe with my family. We love it there and try to go a few times a year, so it would be a blast to do the whole summer!”

Ask me anything!
Q: What’s your favorite sports team?

A: The Golden State Warriors.

Q: Music or talk radio?

A: It depends. During the day I listen to KNBR sports talk radio, but in the evening I enjoy music.

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

A: Italy. My wife is Italian and has family there, so I’d like to take a trip to meet them.

Q: If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future?

A: The past. I really love the 1950s and ’60s, especially the muscle cars of that era, so it would be fun to travel back to that time.

Q: What’s your dream car?

A: A Mustang Boss 302.

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